About Revenue Source One

Revenue Source One was founded in 1987 and provides sales and market consultation and market research to increase RevPAR for hotels. Since inception, the company's goal has been to provide clients with economically viable solutions to generate new revenue and profit.

Through the eyes of our consulting clients
Davidson Hotel Company
Revenue Source One was very helpful as well as insightful toward providing meaningful data and on-going recommendations for improvement of our operations. I would strongly recommend and endorse Revenue Source One.

Prism Hotel Company
We have increased GOP for calendar year 1999 by one million dollars and we expect to increase it by another half million in 2000.  Your concepts were right on target What I like particularly about your plan was your 'keep it simple approach.   No big new media campaign, no expensive new literature, no expensive market studies-just the basics executed well. If we need help on another project, we will be sure to call on you.

The John Hardy Group
I want to thank you for help on evaluating the lodging markets in both Naples and West Palm Beach. As usual, your research was excellent and your insight into the nuances of the market and how to best position a lodging product to maximize REVPAR was exceptional. I will continue to recommend you to those who can use your talents.

Fine Hotels
You came to our rescue. Through your direct efforts, we increased our hotel revenues by five million dollars in a twelve month period which created excellent opportunities for the company to prosper and become financially solvent. It is a true statement that we could not have done it with out you.  It is a pleasure for me to say that this relationship has been a tremendous success. I wish you all the best in the years to follow.


A partial list of the company's current and past clients includes such outstanding
companies and organizations as:

◊  The Walt Disney Company
◊  The Federal Deposit Insurance
◊  The State of Louisiana
◊  Amresco Asset Management
◊  Nobel House Hotels
◊  American General Hospitality
◊  Davidson Hotel Company
◊  Hotel Equity Investors
◊  RFS Hotel Group
◊  Park Inns International
◊  The John Hardy Group
◊  Nobel Investment Group
◊  Dow Hotel Company
◊  Shaner Hotels
◊  Prism Hotels
◊  Fine Hotel Company
◊  Trinity Hotels- Goldman Sachs Group
◊  Image Hospitality

Jay Delerno, Revenue Source One's President has over 35 years of experience in hotel sales and marketing, including the Executive Vice President positions for two hotel companies. Mr. Delerno has successfully generated major RevPAR improvements in all types and classes of hotels and resorts by increasing both occupancy and ADR. Mr. Delerno's clients consistently enjoy superior STR comp set performance.

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