RevPar is the revenue per available room. Revenue Source One offers hotel consulting services, specializing in ways to increase room revenue for your hotel. Whether you are looking to increase your average daily rate or need marketing consultaion, let Revenue Source One guide you to greater profitability. Increasing REVPAR by increasing room rates and ADR through revenue management and yield management has always been a major focus of the hotel sales and marketing consulting performed by Revenue Source One. Since 1987, when we began providing hotel sales and hotel marketing services to the hotel and hospitality industries, we have delivered increases in REVPAR via a superior room pricing strategy. This superior room pricing strategy improves revenue management, and yield management. We create this superior pricing strategy via our Rate and Competition Analysis Pricing Model. Increasing ADR and the resulting profits are at the heart of what we do.

Our specialty areas include:

  • Increasing RevPar
  • Increase Room Revenue in a Hotel
  • Increasing Average Daily Rate (ADR)
  • Hotel Sales and Marketing Consulting

Contact Revenue Source One to learn how we can help your hotel. Revenue Source One is the only hospitality consulting company offering improved rooms pricing strategies via an attributes-based, computerized Rate and Competition Analysis Pricing Model.

Increase RevPar

RevPar Refresher:

What is RevPar?
RevPar means revenue per available room. Often used in the hotel and hospitality industry, RevPar is measured by multiplying the avarage daily rate (ADR) by the occupancy rate. Another method for calculating the RevPar is to divide the room revenue by the room count for a specified period of time.
Calculating RevPar
REVPAR = Rooms Revenue / Rooms Available
Rooms Revenue
The revenue generated by rooms sales
Rooms Available
The number of rooms available for sale in a specified time period
Strategies for Increasing RevPar
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