Competition Mystery Shopping

Revenue Source One announced on September 22, 2008 that the company has introduced a new service, Competition Mystery Shopping.

Jay Delerno, President of Revenue Source One said, "we are offering this new Competition Mystery Shopping service in addition to the current telephone Mystery Shopping we provide for reservations and sales/catering. All of the services we offer utilize state of the art technology and this new service is no exception."

Mr. Delerno went on to say, "the new service we are offering will assist management to better understand their competition so the competition section of the Sales and Marketing plan will have more depth providing more comprehensive, accurate and detailed data. The strategies and tactics developed and implemented with a superior competition section will yield superior results in the coming year."

  • Competition Mystery Shopping
    • Sales and Catering
    • Operations
  • Sales and Catering
    • Understand the room rates, catering prices and policies your competition is quoting.
      • What are the room rates being quoted over certain times of the year?
        • 4th quarter this year
        • specific time frames next year
      • What are the meeting room rentals/setup rates?
      • What are the group and catering policies?
    • How does your sales and catering department personnel compare to your competition?
      • How good are the sales skills of the sales and catering staff at your competitors?
    • Identify sales and catering personnel with superior sales skills so you will know where to find a new sales or catering manager when you need one.
  • How does the competition SELL against your hotel?
    • What are they saying, if anything, about your hotel when it is mentioned as a competitor?
    • How quickly do they respond to an inquiry?
    • How aggressive are they- do they attempt to close the sale at the time of inquiry?
    • Are they outselling you?
  • How do you compare operationally to your competition?
    • Number of rings into the hotel switchboard?
    • Number of rings into the sales and catering office?
    • Was the call transferred directly to the appropriate manager?
    • Was the manager reached on the first attempt?
    • Did other staff attempt to assist prior to connecting with the manager?
    • Was it a positive first impression overall?

The Revenue Source One Competition Mystery Shopping program can utilize both the telephone and the Internet (RFP Mystery Shopping) to provide the information required to create a superior competition analysis section of a Sales and Marketing Plan. For prices and additional information please see the Revenue Source One.