Response Time and Quality of RFPs

Reduce Lost Business; Increase Revenues by Measuring the Response Time and Quality of RFPs

Revenue Source One announced on November 24, 2008 that the company has improved its Internet Mystery Shopping, Request For Proposal Intelligence Quotient (RFPIQ), service introduced the previous December.

Jay Delerno, President of Revenue Source One said, "we are offering this revised version of our Mystery Shopping service (RFPIQ) based on our shopping experiences over the past eleven months. The results we have seen show that Request for Proposals (RFPs) sent via the Internet are not responded to by hotels almost fifty percent of the time. This lack of response accounts for the loss of a great deal of group rooms and catering revenue."

Mr. Delerno went on to say, "as the Internet plays an ever increasing role in the booking of group rooms and catering business, it becomes even more critical that hotels understand how customers using the Internet to book business are responded too. This improvement to our Mystery Shopping (RFPIQ) service will assist management to better understand the response time to clients, the specific information that is being provided to clients, as well as how much business they may be losing."

The revised service offers the following:

  • Group and Catering shops are performed using the Internet.
  • Revenue Source One sends a request for proposal (RFP) to the hotel.
  • The revised reporting form includes an evaluation of the sales techniques used by respondents, other information provided by the hotel as well as correspondence time lines. Custom reporting is available upon request.
  • Reporting is provided to a designated person at the property, corporate office or both.

The revised service is also offered as Internet Mystery Shops performed on competitors.

Some benefits of Internet Mystery Shopping of the competition are:

  • To assess the sales skills and response time of the sales and catering staff at a competitor.
  • To understand the room rates being quoted over certain times of the year.
  • To understand meeting room rentals/setup charges, banquet food and beverage pricing and policies.