Want to book more group business?

RFP Mystery Shopping is the answer to booking more group rooms over the Internet.

Revenue Source One announced on April 8, 2008 that the company is offering a reduced price to companies that wish to try their RFP Mystery Shopping service, RFP-IQ.

Jay Delerno, President of Revenue Source One said, "we are offering this discount for a limited time to companies that want to try RFP-IQ without a long term committment. Mystery Shopping service in addition to the current telephone Mystery Shopping we provide for reservations and sales/catering. All of the services we offer utilize state of the art technology and this new service is no exception."

Mr. Delerno went on to say, "the Internet is playing an ever increasing role in the booking of group rooms and catering business. This new service we are offering will assist management to better understand the response time to clients as well as the specific information that is being provided to a client."

The new service offers the following:

  • Group and Catering shops are performed using the Internet.
  • Revenue Source One sends a quest for proposal/information to the hotel via e-mail.
  • Reporting includes information provided by the hotel as well as correspondence time lines. Custom reporting is available upon request.
  • Hotel responses are tracked and reporting is done to the designated person at the property, corporate office or both.

The new service will also offer Internet Mystery Shops to competitors.

Some benefits of Internet Mystery Shopping of the competition are:

  • To assess the skills and response time of the sales and catering staff at your competitors.
  • To identify salespeople at the competition with superior sales skills so they can be hired when needed.
  • To determine the sales skill level of a potential new hire.
  • To understand the room rates being quoted over certain times of the year.
  • To understand meeting room rentals/setup charges.
  • To understand what is being said about your hotel when it is mentioned as a possible competitor.